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Taking IELTS: simple strategies for great results

Hello, friends! 
Preparing for the IELTS? Don’t worry! This big test might not be as daunting as it seems if you have a few cool tricks up your sleeve. Here are some simple and engaging tips to help you score the necessary points without breaking a sweat.

Choose Your Test: Dive into Online Resources

The internet is your playground for IELTS preparation. There are countless sites offering a treasure trove of free practice tests, tips, and strategies. They are a goldmine for Chisinau students preparing for the IELTS from home.

First of all, familiarize yourself with the IELTS format. Academic or General – which suits you best? Choose based on your goal – whether it's for study, work, or migration. The test comprises four parts: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. A good grasp of these components is your secret weapon!

Interactive Tools: Make Learning Fun

Brighten up your learning process with interactive tools. Apps like the IELTS Prep App from the British Council offer tests and practice exercises. You can track your progress and focus on areas where you need more practice.

Read, Read, Read

For the reading section, start reading English newspapers, magazines, or books daily. This habit will not only speed up your reading but also sharpen your comprehension. Check out websites where you can find articles that match the IELTS style (see links at the end of the article).

Listen and Learn

For listening, immerse yourself in English. Listen to podcasts, watch movies in English, or news channels. BBC Learning English and TED Talks are great for getting used to various accents and speech styles.

Write Away

Practice is key in writing. Write essays on different topics and have them checked by native English speakers. Online platforms like Write & Improve offer instant feedback on your writing, which is invaluable for honing your skills.

Speak Up

For speaking English, converse with friends or join English clubs in Chisinau. Platforms like Meetup often have groups for English learners. Record your conversations on different topics, listen back, and critique your performance.

Test simulation

Simulate testing conditions at home. Time yourself and take full practice tests. This will help you get used to the time limits and ease exam day nerves.

Master Time Management

Time management is crucial in IELTS. Practice each section with a timer. Stuck on a reading question? Skip it and come back later.

Stay Calm and Confident

Lastly, stay calm and confident. Stress can impact your performance, so ensure you're well-rested and relaxed on exam day. 


Remember, acing the IELTS is not about endless hours of study but smart, focused preparation. Use the online tools and resources available in Chisinau, practice regularly, and approach the test with confidence. 
And the exam preparation course at Lingua Franca School is here to help.

Good luck!

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