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Proficiency test

Fill in the blank fields with the appropriate form of words

  • Robert from Moldova (be)
  • My friend in London (live)
  • Where Tom ? (work)
  • I coffee (not like)
  • Harry can English. (speak)
  • Look! Is it Peter? vodka? (drink)
  • you swim when you were 5 years old? (can)
  • Where you yesterday? (be)
  • I watch TV tonight. (be)
  • What you this weekend, Lance? (do)
  • What you at 5pm yesterday? I dinner with my wife. (do, have)
  • Harry his father’s car when the accident happened. (drive)
  • Tokyo is city I’ve ever lived in. (big)
  • Moldova is than Romania. (small)
  • He is a careful driver. He drives . (careful)
  • you like to be famous one day? (do)
  • She likes expensive clothes. She them since she moved to this big city. (wear, buy)
  • 'You to Australia, Ginny?’ ‘Yes, two years ago.” ( be)
  • I will see my friends tonight if I time. (have)
  • If I you, I that! If I that mistake yesterday, I wouldn’t have faced the consequences. (be, not do, not make)
  • Before I entered university I for 12 years at school and it with best result. (study, finish)
  • Do you mind this, please? You promised whenever we have questions! (repeat, stop)
  • He stopped When he was driving his wife called him, so, he stopped milk. (smoke, buy )
  • If I his address, I it to you yesterday. If I cold water yesterday, I cold now (know, tell, not drink, not be)
  • I wish I more money (have)
  • I wish I to Barcelona last year. (travel)
  • I wish my neighbour’s baby day and night. (not cry)
  • Did you hear what happened to Kate? She . (arrest)
  • You look different! Have you ? (cut your hair)
  • I don’t know where exactly I lost my keys, I them on the drawer. (leave)
  • She should him at 3am yesterday! He was sleeping! Poor thing! (not call)
  • If you her at 6pm, she the child to sleep. (visit, put)
  • By the end of 2030 from University. (graduate)
  • I suggest that he there alone. (go)
  • He told me he be home in the evening. (will )
  • Not only what was happening, but he also did everything not to repeat this mistake again. (realize)
  • The sportsman is believed in the Olympic games in 2022. (take part)
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