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Lingua Franca Courses

Looking for English courses that will help you achieve outstanding results? – You've found exactly what you need. Lingua Franca School offers educational programs for all levels – from A1 to C1. 
Our educational resources are freely available for those just starting their journey in English, as well as for those close to mastery and aiming to speak it like a true native speaker.

English for children
English for children

What does Lingua Franca offer your child?

  • An engaging educational adventure, not just lessons;
  • ​Fun, interactive learning sessions; 
  • Proficiency in English and development of independent thinking; 
  • Confidence in communication with peers, boosting your child's self-esteem; 
  • Cutting-edge teaching methods led by passionate educators.
English for teens
English for teens

What does Lingua Franca offer for teenagers?

  • Tailored educational materials considering teenagers' interests; 
  • Interaction with peers in a group setting within a friendly atmosphere; 
  • Innovative teaching methodologies and interactive learning techniques with relevant topics; 
  • A focus on developing communication skills with peers in English and the ability to articulate thoughts; 
  • Mastery of effective test-taking and exam strategies; 
  • Dynamic lessons and active feedback between students and teachers.
Exam preparation
Exam preparation

Why choose Lingua Franca for exam preparation? 

  • Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge exams; 
  • Familiarization with the types of questions encountered during the test; 
  • Detailed feedback with students to optimize the learning process; 
  • Objectivity: making the test predictable and manageable for the student; 
  • Simulating the real test during preparation to predict potential outcomes; 
  • Guarantee of achieving the highest score on the actual exam.
English for Adults
English for Adults

What does Lingua Franca offer adults learning English?

  • Lessons using modern methodologies, including interactivity, role-playing scenarios, and practical skills in real-life situations; 
  • Qualified mentors with a deep understanding of the language and psychology; 
  • Customized schedules for online and in-person classes, considering the busy lives of adult learners; 
  • Supportive motivation for comprehensive development, skills for applying the foreign language in life; 
  • Enrichment with the culture and traditions of English-speaking countries.
Business English
Business English

Why do people choose Lingua Franca for learning business English?

  • A personalized approach considering linguistic skills and business needs; 
  • Certified instructors with experience in the international business domain; 
  • Modern teaching methods: interactive lessons, business cases, and practical scenarios; 
  • Flexible learning schedules; 
  • A wide range of business topics; 
  • International standard certification and a certificate upon course completion.
One to One English Course
One to One English Course

What does the One-to-One course at Lingua Franca offer?

  • Individualized lessons, adapting materials and methods to each case;
  • Maximum attention to the student's needs and results;
  • Classes are organized according to a fixed or flexible schedule at the student's discretion; 
  • Faster and more effective comprehension of the material; 
  • Relaxed communication in English in a comfortable and supportive environment.

We've designed English courses for children, teenagers, and adults. You can successfully prepare for English exams with us, as well as enroll in our specialized Business English program, tailored to meet the needs of staff members and managers of offices and enterprises. 
The atmosphere of kindness and mutual support at Lingua Franca Center fosters effective learning of the foreign language and its productive use in all life situations. Our teaching staff is beyond commendable! 
Join us today and discover the diversity and vibrancy of the English language at Lingua Franca School! Sign up for our courses – time waits for no one!