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  • Why is it important to learn English nowadays?

    English is the language of international communication in all spheres: politics, science, media, art. A good knowledge of English helps to get more opportunities in life, learn a lot of new things, build a career.

  • How does learning English benefit children?

    Learning English develops children's linguistic and cognitive skills. It provides access to world culture. It promotes communication skills and mental flexibility, and strengthens memory.

  • What is the secret of the popularity of Lingua Franca Language and Communication Center?

    Lingua Franca has gained popularity over the years thanks to its impeccable reputation among numerous students and course graduates. We use the latest teaching methods – always on trend. We conduct interactive lessons in a playful way. We adapt authentic English-language sources to meet the needs of our students. We develop author's programs. We have excellent teachers with extensive experience and endless enthusiasm. 


  • What does a student achieve at the end of Upper Intermediate English?

    At the end of this course, rest assured that you will be able to participate in complex discussions, understand movies and literature, express your point of view clearly, and compose complete and structured texts with ease. You will be able to communicate with a native speaker on an equal footing and enjoy many other benefits. You will have no doubts and no obstacles to further improvement.

  • Does Lingua Franca have a Business English course for corporate clients?

    Yes, we have a Business English course for corporate clients. Our teachers can come to your office, we offer certificates on completion of the course, we regularly assess your level of competence and provide feedback to improve the quality of the course. You can request a quote at