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We are the Lingua Franca Centre for Languages and Communication in Chisinau. For over ten years we have been successfully offering English language learning programs for children, teenagers, adults and business people, as well as preparation for TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge exams. 
Our English language courses have helped many people determine their professional and social choices in life. We successfully combine an innovative method of language immersion with real-life situations. This makes learning English varied, interesting and effective.

10 International Certificates
68 International conferences
300 Business clients
55000 of hours of teaching English in groups
65 years of cumulative teaching experience
80 webinars held by international organisations

Our impeccable reputation is based on high-level qualifications: all our tutors have a university degree in linguistics and are internationally certified.

Our principle is that students should not do in the classroom what they can easily do on their own. Thus, the emphasis in teaching is on the development of productive skills, especially speaking, to which up to 90% of the lesson is allocated. The reproductive, repetitive part is left for individual study through appendices and feedback and clarification from qualified teachers.

Advanced teaching methods used in lessons and digital homework content make learning as engaging and productive as possible. 

We work for results!

Classes are available from 08.00 to 20.00 Monday to Friday.